Our Birds

I’m taking a much needed break and will not be breeding anything this year (2021). My waitlist is currently closed and won’t open back up until winter 2021 (for spring 2022).

New Pick Up Procedures

Due to COVID-19, I have modified my pick up procedures.

  • Masks required at pick up.
  • Cardboard animal carrier is included with purchase.
  • DNA certificates and information sheets will be sent digitally.

My Facility

I am located near Sacramento, CA. Facebook is my preferred method of communication. To reserve a baby, please message me there with the species and band number of the baby you wish to purchase. You can email me but my response will not be as fast. I have a wait list for each species if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Waitlist FAQ

A non-refundable deposit through PayPal is required to reserve a bird until it’s finished weaning. The deposits for each species are as follows:

Cockatiel $50
Green Cheek Conure $50
Indian Ringneck $100

The balance is due at pick up. Please plan to pick up your baby within a week of when it weans. I cannot hold onto birds for extended periods. Please read up on each species carefully before committing, especially if you plan to get an Indian ringneck.

All birds come sexed unless otherwise stated, and come with a sample of food. I run a closed aviary facility to ensure the health of my birds.

To view available birds, click on the picture of the species you’re interested in:

Cockatiels for sale

Green cheek conures for sale

Indian ringnecks for sale