Available Indian Ringnecks

I’m taking a much needed break and will not be breeding anything this year (2022). My waitlist is currently closed.

Please read the care sheet before contacting me to purchase a ringneck. They are intelligent, independent birds. They are not cuddly. If you want a cuddly bird, please see my green cheek conures. Ringnecks are great for the right person, but they are not for someone who wants a super affectionate bird.

Breeding season for ringnecks is Dec-Mar. I set my pairs up in Feb or March, once it starts warming up. I have a limited number of babies every year, as ringnecks typically don’t double-clutch. If you want a ringneck, I strongly suggest getting onto my waitlist the year before you plan to buy. Please contact me to get on my waitlist.

Colors I can produce:

    • Blue
    • Violet
    • Blue pallid (female)
    • Violet pallid (female)
    • Grey
    • Grey turquoise/green
    • Cinnamon grey/blue/violet/green/lutino
    • Green
    • Lutino (female)
    • Albino (female)
    • Turquoise

Click here to see examples of colors.

Last updated: 01/30/2022

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