Available Indian Ringnecks

I’m taking a much needed break and will not be breeding anything this year (2021). My waitlist is currently closed and won’t open back up until winter 2021 (for spring 2022).

Please read the care sheet before contacting me to purchase a ringneck. They are intelligent, independent birds. They are not cuddly. If you want a cuddly bird, please see my green cheek conures. Ringnecks are great for the right person, but they are not for someone who wants a super affectionate bird.

Breeding season for ringnecks is Dec-Mar. I set my pairs up in Feb or March, once it starts warming up. I have a limited number of babies every year, as ringnecks typically don’t double-clutch. If you want a ringneck, I strongly suggest getting onto my waitlist the year before you plan to buy. Please contact me to get on my waitlist.

Colors I can produce:

    • Blue
    • Violet
    • Blue pallid (female)
    • Violet pallid (female)
    • Grey
    • Grey turquoise/green
    • Cinnamon grey/blue/violet/green/lutino
    • Green
    • Lutino (female)
    • Albino (female)
    • Turquoise

Click here to see examples of colors.

Last updated: 10/11/2021

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